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When a bartender takes a bar mat and pours the excess liquors into a shot glass and you drink it.
Hey Dude..I want a LA Freeway. Whats that man, its just all the shit thats overflown from random drinks that you mix and drink. YUMYUMYUM!
by Shawwwwwwty July 28, 2007
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a sex position where the legs form a circle and the genitals split the circle in half
bob prefers Downtown LA freeway loop than Doggy style
by MemeGod326981 July 5, 2022
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It’s what you get from this equation:

Hell + Car + Pavement
This freeway is as bad as an LA Freeway. THE TRAFFIC IS S*#%!
by Swag-o-Cato February 4, 2018
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