1. Nickname of former NHLer Alexei Kovalev, given by Montreal Canadiens fans during his tenure there, due to his superior stickhandling and skating skills.

2. Someone who pulls off a stunning feat of dexterity, agility, athleticism, gaming skill, etc., whether intended or accidental.
1. Did you you see that sick-ass goal L'Artiste buried the other night?

2. Party Guy 1: "Check this shit out, dude. You will never witness another beer pong shot like this in your life. I'm callin' it... Off the table, off the wall, off Mark's head, off that girl's bigass left titty and in the cup..... YESSSS!!!"

Party Guy 2: "Holy shit!! Fucking L'Artiste in the house!"
by Z. Tenao December 06, 2011
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