Lick my ass! Similar to S my D, it is clean and you can't get in trouble for it.
Hey Lori, why don't you shut up and l my a?
by L-Train July 14, 2005
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A popular acronym meaning "Lick My Butt-Crack Clean"
Mike had tp hanging from his hole so he told Fraser to "L my BCC"
by Fire Box June 29, 2009
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when you cant use the actual words...Lick my Cunt
OH YAH?! well you can L my C!
by Tooney Jameson October 01, 2007
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Lick my Balls, usually used when someone upsets you or if you're really weird during sex
Greg: Judah are you mad
Judah: Greg, L my B's
by Lil Jud April 05, 2006
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For all those ladies who like their pussy licked....just kindly ask your beau to L your P!
Hey you! Cock with a wallet....l my p or I will bite your dick off!
by Jill 'the Hammer' Shapiro June 03, 2007
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Short, slang term for "fuck my life."
I got a parking ticket, I failed my test, and my girl is cheating on me. F my l.
by alaur September 08, 2008
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