Lick my ass! Similar to S my D, it is clean and you can't get in trouble for it.
Hey Lori, why don't you shut up and l my a?
by L-Train July 14, 2005
A popular acronym meaning "Lick My Butt-Crack Clean"
Mike had tp hanging from his hole so he told Fraser to "L my BCC"
by Fire Box June 30, 2009
Lick my Balls, usually used when someone upsets you or if you're really weird during sex
Greg: Judah are you mad
Judah: Greg, L my B's
by Lil Jud April 5, 2006
when you cant use the actual words...Lick my Cunt
OH YAH?! well you can L my C!
by Tooney Jameson October 1, 2007
For all those ladies who like their pussy licked....just kindly ask your beau to L your P!
Hey you! Cock with a wallet....l my p or I will bite your dick off!
Short, slang term for "fuck my life."
I got a parking ticket, I failed my test, and my girl is cheating on me. F my l.
by alaur September 9, 2008