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Bob: Hey guys wheres the party?

Jack: Fuck da partys ful! We will just straight toke it up at my pad!

Bob: No bitches?

Jack: Na ful we had one over a few minutes ago but she left.

Bob: What Happened?

Jack: Haha she couldn't clear my bong so i got mad told her she couldn't be apart of Kush Mafia. I don't know..maybe I should take some more anger management classes so I won't get as mad next time.

Jim: Or maybe it was because I look like a turtle.

Gary: Yo Jim could you pass a nigga his bong?

Jim: Is it this blue one?

Gary: I dont know nigga. does it have a shake junt sticker on it?

Jim: No this one has a dickies sticker on it.

Matt: Huh? Where da scary clowns at?

Bob: Ok..this is really gay. Im Out.

Jim: Would you turn up the radio on the way out? That dubstep is trippin me out to sick right now.

Bob: Is it the one over by all the gay ass longboards?

Gary: Yee nigga. It sucks that your sober. Tahhh babe.
by fuck2987489734983793 July 08, 2010
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Kush Mafia; N- or for short "KM". Just a bunch of 15-16 year old stoner fags who think their cool because they smoke weed, roll and trip out to their fingers and go to parties like it's college but will eventually be too dumb and lazy to even make it in to one and will never get to experience the real thing. They are actually far from a mafia and not even close to being a gang because they're too pussy to do shit even if you diss their little group in front of them to their face. They reside in Burbank, California where the only thing a cop will do to you is give you a ticket for j-walking or riding a bike with out a helmet because nothing else goes on. They constantly argue like bitches over who's the leader of the "KM" before they take their first bong rip. Kids who watch a little too much "Friday". Some go to Burroughs High and you can usually find some of them playing hacky sack in the middle of the quad during lunch while they kiss Bob Marley picture in their binders.
Jack: Yea fool I just joined this sick ass mafia.

Bob: Oh really thats cool. By the way me and my friends are having a little kick back at my place with the ladys. I've got brew and then we might go dirt biking after the next day. You can come if you want.

Jack: Haha Naaaahhhhhh dawg ima go blaze fat at my homie Franks house. Kush Mafia nigga! Dont front!

Bob: Fag.
by fuck837464433 April 10, 2010
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