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When a group of amigos are trying to think of a drinking game to play, but then the guy with no top lip goes “let’s play a crisp tasting game”, and everyone snarls, until big nose pops up and say “let’s go bowling”, but speech impediment top lip face gets angry and says “we’ve done bowling loads, am I wight?”. Then that guy with the massive head that looks like a water jug balanced on top of a large stick insect says “sheriosully ladsh, letsh all shit down and relaxsh”, but then bit big teeth chimp man stands up, pulls his trousers down and says “ I know, let’s play kurplunk!”.
I can’t wait to kurplunk you later
by Amigo central February 07, 2018
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When a girl rides a guys dick while he is taking a shit.
Joe hurry up and give that bitch a kur plunk so I can take one too!
by Justin April 01, 2005
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When you gotta take a big ass dump and it hits the water in the bowl and makes the sound “kur-plunk.”..........
She heard a big “kur- plunk.” When she walked into the bathroom.

Kur-plunk *sound* *noise*
by Tweentween15 June 02, 2018
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