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The name of the king of the dungeon siege. He has lived for nearly three thousand years and all traces of his past have been completely forgotten except for his own memory. He is the undisputed lord of the earth and sky and rules with an iron fist. His infinite empire is unstoppable and all attempts to topple it have met a bitter and bloody end. A minor god in his own right, he is a master of arcane lore and black magics. His prowess in battle is unmatched through his genius mind for tactics and strategy and his ability to wield any weapon masterfully. He rules us from his black tower in his capital city and his reign will have no end. He is all powerful and cannot be hurt or killed in any way possible.
1. Blessings of Kurge be upon you my friend.

2. By the power of Kurge...

3. We must decipher the runes, quickly.
by Flug February 09, 2008
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Dirty scumbag, who hits on their friends girlfriend.
Jason is being such a little kurge face!
by Chinquilla September 01, 2005
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