A beautiful talented girl, she always knows how to make someone's day. She is always popular and has a smile on her face. Sometimes she might look like she has it all together but in the inside she doesn't. Anyone can trust a Kumiko. Kumikos are usually beautiful girls. Kumikoluvsyou are usually friends with everyone, someone who is very talkative. Every guy wants her but can't get her. Kumikos are good kissers and give the best hugs. If you knew a Kumiko it means good luck for you. A Kumiko usually knows what's right and wrong. She might look like a goody two shoes she's really got a bad side. A Kumiko will do anything if it means making her friends happy. She is all about her family and living a happy life. Kumiko is usually artistic through many ways. Usually excelling in sports, of any kind.a Kumiko knows that living life isn't about being the most popular it's about touching others life's. A Kumiko loves to party, and get drunk. Any one to know a Kumiko is lucky for Kumikos are rare. Kumiko is a kind friend to absolutley everyone. Just make sure not to get on her bad side, because she can be a bitch. A girl who sleeps with lots of guys. Always paired with a white guy. Kumiko loves being with other people. Boys try to get her and win her heart. Kumiko only digs guys who are kind hearted. Guys be nice to Kumikos.
Guy: man I got her heart
Friend: who?
Guy: Kumiko

Friend: lucky!

Kumiko, the one with a booty ?
by Anonymous Someonehitcher December 30, 2014
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to be very ignorant of american ways
You stupid nigga...just like kumiko biotch
by timmy beard August 3, 2005
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