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(kuh low ko)
Taken from the Hawaiian word kuloko, meaning local, Kuloco Clothing represents a concept that extends far beyond its clothing. Unlike most clothing companies that are based strictly on what you do or who you are, Kuloco is founded on where you live. We live in Ocean City, Maryland. For this reason we changed the spelling of the word and started Kuloco in our hometown. The idea of the company is that all the means of production are done according to the fashion style and lifestyle of a certain area.
I like Kuloco because I live here!
I live in the world of Kuloco so I'm a kulocian.
by fuzzy-the-local-deg! March 31, 2009
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(kuh low ko)

Slang for somebody who is a local; Usually referring to those who live in beach towns, but can be for anywhere; Local from birth;

In conversation sometimes the final "o" is dropped. (kuh loke)
He's kuloco.

Among all the tourists, sometimes it's hard to tell who is kuloc.
by OCbeachbum August 12, 2007
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