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a russian name which befuddles many. those with the name also befuddle many. these women may be erratic, argumentative but intellectually fascinating and strangely sweet. approach with caution and offer tea.
i met a girl named kseniya

what happened?

man I dont even kno
by vinividivici February 02, 2010
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the best superhero you've never heard of, and even though you've never heard of her, she's the best superhero. fighting primarily with rainbows, entertaining, and deadly knock knock jokes, she's a keeper. of late she has battled sea monsters and fire breathing tropical dragons. yeah. get on her level.
its a bird, no its a plane, no its SUPERMAN!!

WOW. we all know superman isnt even real.

then WHAT IS IT??

IT'S KSENIYA!! *epic pokemon music*
by Gangsta G is busy May 05, 2010
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The 2nd person singular/plural form of the modal auxiliary English verb "can" (to be able) in the present simple tense, whereby the usual voiceless velar plosive "k" is replaced by a voiceless velar stop followed by a voiceless alveolar fricative "ks", due to either a speech impediment, talking while eating, or sheer silliness.
"Kseniya please pass the jelly?"

"Kseniya dig it? I knew that ya could!"
by Soukera March 31, 2010
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