To have a good time, to party, almost always used along with "it" - "krush it"
"Hey man, you ready to roll?"

"Yeah, let's krush it!"


"I hung out with Jason last night."
"Yeah? Did you krush it?"
by Kasper224 December 17, 2008
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A unique Indian, who has that one and only name... and may sometimes carry pulzy, and eats at least 200 meals a day, not including curry, but imagine how many meals it would be if curry was added.
Person 1: Damn, that guy is a total krush, just look at that he gots Krush written all over his face.

Person 2: I know right, lets go beat his ass with a hockey stick.
by Ivan XL November 24, 2008
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Driven from the word Satanism, ones named "krush" are or demon blood, pure evil being never to be trusted
Jesus: holy mother of God!! It's a "krush"

Krush: I hate children, Oprah, and oxygen! I love the Kardashians, terrorism, and genocide!

Jesus: ah! Run forest run!!!!!
by truffman123 September 17, 2014
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Krushing Kyle is a gentleman, a lover, and a Scholar. At no point in Krushing Kyle's day is he not Krushing. If one were to integrate the amount of Krushing the Kyle does within a single day, it would equate to a vertical tangent of snap prime.
Hey Krushing Kyle, have you been krushing her??
Of course, why else would she be limping?
by Anita Hanjaab September 27, 2013
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A very fake dry herbal shake type product sold deceptively as a marijuana strain by using the same name as marijuana Orange Crush. It used to be sold as "Hawaiian Haze" before they changed the name and before that was called "Hawaiian Gold Bud". Same plant they now are calling "Orange Krush".
Orange Krush is that same dry crumbly stuff they used to call Hawaiian Haze. Same plant, new name.
by smokestackXpert July 02, 2009
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An alias the infamous kelly goes by to hide from her idol life

Or describing a dirty ugly stripper high on drugs

(Rarely is cute)
The stripper i hired was a total kandy krush. Her face was busted
by SungsWife August 25, 2015
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