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To have a good time, to party, almost always used along with "it" - "krush it"
"Hey man, you ready to roll?"

"Yeah, let's krush it!"


"I hung out with Jason last night."
"Yeah? Did you krush it?"
by Kasper224 December 17, 2008
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Driven from the word Satanism, ones named "krush" are or demon blood, pure evil being never to be trusted
Jesus: holy mother of God!! It's a "krush"

Krush: I hate children, Oprah, and oxygen! I love the Kardashians, terrorism, and genocide!

Jesus: ah! Run forest run!!!!!
by truffman123 September 17, 2014
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A unique Indian, who has that one and only name... and may sometimes carry pulzy, and eats at least 200 meals a day, not including curry, but imagine how many meals it would be if curry was added.
Person 1: Damn, that guy is a total krush, just look at that he gots Krush written all over his face.

Person 2: I know right, lets go beat his ass with a hockey stick.
by Ivan XL November 24, 2008
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