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Krogoth is actually the unit from a popular Chris Tailor's video game "Total Annihilation"
Only availible in the expansion set "The Core Contingency", the Krogoth, or also known as "Commander Killer", is the strongest unit in the game itself, and thus perfectly matches Core's strategy, which is based mostly on sheer firepower and armor superiority. Being more than 100 meters tall, having 29,918 Hit Points, and being armed by most advanced Anti-air, ballistic, and laser-based weaponry, the Krogoth can easily overpower even the strongest defence systems, and eliminate an enemy commander. Krogoth is only availible for the Core to build, and requires 29,489 units of metal, and 116,664 units of energy to construct one. It also is rated "Experimental", and thus must be constructed in so called "Krogoth Gantries".
As well as all other units in the game, the Krogoth can be destroyed by a single blow from a Commander's D-gun.
"That thing... That KROGOTH in unstoppable!"
"It takes 7 nukes to put a KROGOTH down"
"Oh my God! He built a KROGOTH!"
"I am going to D-gun that Krogoth there!"
by Tessadar July 10, 2008
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When the Core in Total Annhilation have built enough forces and resources to finally construct this unit, the Krogoth, you're raped cuz it's nearly indestructable.
by Ninjitsu_Master January 10, 2006
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When you discover your lady has an unusually large clitoris...this is no longer known as her clitoris...but her KROGOTH

That bitch had a Krogoth...shit looked like a baby toe.
by Xavier Van Putten April 07, 2008
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