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the weird little bits that flake off the edges of very old (well, post-1880s), very brittle newspapers when you touch them.

First documented use: while working on newspaper survey/shelf-read for employer.
In use: “OMG, I’m covered with krittles!” “Hey, sweep up that pile of krittle, wouldja?” “Dear god,I’ve inhaled a lungful of krittle.”

Related items:

Krittlacious Period (refers to post-1880s)

Krittle Mines of Moria (self-explanatory)

Krittle Drifts (deep piles of krittle left on floor after handling items from the Krittlacious Period).
by minerbabe December 02, 2009
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A fat ugly girl that works at the manor. Usually, when she says anything with the letter 's' in it, it sounds like a fart noise.

IE "I Ju(fart noise)t dont know what to think anymore". krittle
by uncle johnny April 07, 2008
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