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Kristalyn is a goddess... men fall at her feet. She will captivate you with her dazzling good looks and banging bod. She is a die-hard Philadelphia fan and is the only female that is able to make men stop in their tracks at her blinding beauty; but beware she is tough as nails and will beat you if she feels the need.
I wish I was a Kristalyn... she is the greatest thing ever.
by kyle elliot korver November 18, 2010
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Kristalyn is a hot, spicy girl. Everyone is jealous of her and wants her personality and banging bod. Kristalyn thinks low of herself and feels like she is unexcepted, yet she is. She is a humble, sweet, kind, giving, a girl that believes in true love. She is very smart and outgoing. But beware, she is as tough as diamond and she can beat the hell out of you if she feels the need to. She has a slight obsession with Starbucks and will even buy a drink or two for her friends. ;D
Omg have u seen the new girl Kristalyn!?

Kristalyn is so hot

Should I ask Kristalyn out?
by ilovecatsXD January 17, 2018
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