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Usually a tall girl, has a nerdy vibe, nice curvy body the definition of slim thick. Doesn't notice how hot she really is but she covers it up. So chill she's mistaken for a slacker but she's on top of everything her grades show t. She's the most passive person EVER unless she's pissed then run for the hills. The funniest and most charismatic person once you get to know her. She's a little mischievous qUsually comes off as emotionally detached at first but she's just shy. She puts others before herself and will always be there to talk when you need it. If you know a Krislyn you'll never get bored and you'll never find anyone else like her keep her close
Who is she?" "Oh. Her name is Krislyn." "She looks cute, can you tell me about her?" "That's gonna take me half a century..."
by SilentQuackxx February 14, 2017
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an intelligent individual that is beautiful and usually always happy. a person with this name is funny and hardly ever tells you what she meant or started to say. she is forgetful, buy is very lovable.
krislyn: i went out the other day and i saw...

you:...who did you see?

krislyn: oh hey! did you hear about that new cd???

you:..what? who...?

krislyn: oh forget it!
by kris94 June 29, 2011
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A girl that never tells you what she started to say.
Krislyn: Hey there was this one girl that was talking about you.

You: Who? What did she say?

Krislyn: Oh nevermind.
by thegoodzz June 30, 2010
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