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A psychological insecurity that leads to the murder of ancient Gods in the attempt to rid everyone of knowing you ejaculate prematurely.
Ancient God 1: Hey did you hear about Steve and his girlfriend last night?

Ancient God 2: Yeah! I heard he got off in like 2 sec-AGHH!

*Both Gods were murdered by Steve due to his Kratos Complex*
by Lank11 July 22, 2011
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A Kratos complex is a person (mainly a man) who has the overwelming erge to protect there partner no matter what.

A person with this complex can be violent to those trying to hurt the one they love. and will stop at nuthing until they know that person is safe and happy.

People with this complex can be normal until you mess with there partner.then a muderus intent will follow. They tend to hate people with a God complex more than most others.

This complex Is baced of the charictor kratos from that God of war series...
Person 1: I have a God complex and am better than you and my desitfal (girlfriend) is better than yours.

Person 2: your a dick and do u know what I do to "gods"

Person 1 dissoperes.

Anther example is

My dad's great he has a kratos complex so he'll never leav me and mom alone and he'll protect us both from everything that cud cause pain.
by LT_Nine_Pins November 14, 2018
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