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The moment you could of Kranizz and you then Krarka, only because you wanted to use a new word; as then you Krarka and the story of a lie kinda got bigger

2 = KRarka, is the sound of a breath when the truth can come and then it's a lie, because you told the truth as a white lie; that then be the only story you can tell because you been KragNeUs about it all the time of you KragNeUsing about your day and the life you have in that day.

3 = Krarka, is the life you live when you are acting and doing something so happy that only in the deepness of you that you say other then the say you say to all, face to face, as this is the 1one that you don't face and still it faces other and you dance around the means of the KragNeUs becomng as KragNeUsng

4 = the power to let a lie be lived as a truth and still KragNeUsing has become something as unhumble and full of, thinking that they have been KragNeUs and all a long they have been doing a Krarka kinda style of the over all KragNeUs way; almost going KraUs.

5 = The Starting of KraUs.
I Just Krarka, because I am well, that all i got to say.

ok, well, next person, I was Krarkaing 1one day and well, it was as if I was living the dream, not only 1one person and just 3three people let me Krarka me some good stuff; glad I got to eat with the power to Kragka
by June 24, 2016
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