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1 = The means of empowerment of embetterment of well, do you love yourself

2 = loving what you are in the moment and then doing what is loving yourself in action.

3 = to love of, 1one self, it is the means of loving yourself that will empower yourself and as that betterment you will then empower the love of, 1one self.

4 = seeing the steps of an empowerment and betterment, yet as having to take the steps of loving the love of loving 1one's self; in the the love of 1one's self that is the betterment in the empowerment

5 = some way you can better and empower yourself, how will you do that today; if of today, would you ever find a way of a lot of love of yourself.

6 = kragNeUs, is the means of findng the path of what is your path, what is the path you walk and do you see it and walk it; well, are you blind and then finding that you can see.. are kragNeUsing
I just kragneus for the first time and well, could Kragneus all the time.
by June 24, 2016
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