Created by A.R.M.Y.s(fans of the Korean group BTS) it refers to annoying overbearing kpop stans, normally ones who aren’t ARMYs themselves.
KPOPPIES: the 2nd generation actually paved the way.
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Mostly used by Armys (BTS stans) to define all the other K-pop fandoms that are not the BTS fandom. They want to separate themselves from the K-pop community bc they think they're on a higher level although they're K-pop fans too.

Often used when they think the "whole" K-pop community is against them or when some Armys did something wrong, but still want to defend them from other fandoms to keep their reputation.
"Those kpoppies are trying to bring us down again bc they can't accept that their faves aren't getting the same recognition as our faves LMFAO"

"These kpoppies are at it again 🙄 just because someone from our fandom did that doesn't mean the whole fandom is toxic!!1!!1!"

"Kpoppies can hate on us all they want but it's fact that BTS is the most successful and famous group of all time 😂😂😂😂😂"
by Ketchup ice May 21, 2018
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It is a word created by second generation fans of k-pop. It is mainly use to describe a k-pop fans. It's definition was recently changed because of some random and unknown self-proclaimed fandom who don't have any idea about the used of that word.
“They are K-pop fans so you can call them kpoppies

“Some kpoppies are still preparing for the votings on that snake show”

“They are fans of one of the biggest and one of the most TALENTED korean boy group who can slay in live while not using auto-tunes, and they are those kpoppies who has taste in music”
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annoying kpop stans that is against bts and probably other groups they don't like.

history of the word : the word was invented by armies that were sick of those irritating kpop stans that keeps on bothering them.
"hey, don't talk to that kpoppie over there or else they'll annoy you."
by namkachu January 5, 2021
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a kpop stan that isn’t an army/ is a bts anti
Kpoppies are so mad that BTS are Grammy nominated and their favs aren’t”
by gracie vajj March 9, 2021
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A bunch of people who just exist to hate on others. Cannot take facts and spread lies so they can damage other people’s reputations. Cannot take a different opinion other than theirs and most likely would reply with a fancam during civilized debates. Will do anything in their power to defame, play down and hate on the most popular boy group in the world, BTS. Picks fights regularly with ARMY, the incredibly dedicated fandom of BTS. Talk shit about BTS and ARMY but when called out they bring out the victim card.
Example 1
ARMY: yay bts won their daesang fairly in 2016!

Kpoppie : show receipts *random fancam*
ARMY: shows receipts

Kpoppie : I’m gonna ignore that and run with my lie *random fancam*

Example 2
Kpoppie : BTS and their fans suck
ARMY: at least our faves love us
Kpoppie: oh my god y’all are ganging up on me and bullying me lemme call my other kpoppies and make a victim tweet to get it to 13k likes
by Btsoutsoldurflopfaves November 30, 2019
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Kpoppie is a word invented by armys (BTS fans) for kpop fans that hate on BTS/armys and/or insert themselves or their faves in their business.
Army: BTS’ new song is so good

Random kpoppie: No it’s not, XYZ haven better music
by irllydkntcare March 27, 2021
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