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They hide their true feelings to show it only to people that are special to them. But sometimes other people find out. They feel weak but they actually have a strong soul that can resist the toughest of times. Sometimes they feel pain when they’re alone, but they push on. Not everyone sees how much they are actually worth. They are extremely unique as well. You can spot them in a crowd with ease. But they want to prove themselves wrong to meet everyone’s expectations. However, only a few people know the real Kouni. They hide their pain far away from others. They are tired on living like that. They want someone to carry their regrets, their fears, their sin and their self-hatred. They want to be free.

They are the best loyal, caring and understanding friends you could ever have. If you’re friends with a Kouni, make sure he stays your friend. If he ever feels down, talk to him about things that you both like and enjoy. Sometimes he’s as happy as he could ever be, but sometimes he feels depressed or suicidal. He will use his strong soul to overcome it but you still have to help him on the way. When you’re around him and he’s happy, you’re guaranteed to feel at least a tingle of happiness. Kounis make the world a better place.
“I’ve never seen anyone as unique as Kouni!”
I know, right? He is the best friend you could ever have.”
by Karate Carrot June 24, 2018
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