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A fear of buttons. Sufferers are usually disgusted by the sight of them and wash their skin when it comes into contact with a button.

They will have no clothes with buttons on and some even avoid toggles, press studs and other clothes fasteners.

In some extreme cases, the sufferer finds it difficult to even say or write the word 'button'.
1) She has Koumpounophobia.
by Am-yuh September 05, 2006
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Koumpounophobia is a phobia of buttons. Koumpounophobia affects people of all ages and is a lot more common then most people think. Sufferers of koumpounophobia may not like the sight, touch, or smell of buttons, and some even have trouble listening to the "b" word. They may or may not mind the buttons on jeans.
Get that shirt away from me! I have koumpounophobia
by SVSkellington November 05, 2008
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