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A Kotuku is a Mad as Rapper Person who's punchlines are immaculate and his metaphors come from heaven itself, even though he doesn't know it, he has a natural aura that can only be described as an unmeasurable amount of awesomeness, everything about him makes you jealous but by being around his awesome character it makes it hard to hate on him, he is always looking for people to collab with from his email address he is a Leader and not a follower who is also charming, he encompasses everything that it is to be Awesome. Its also another word to say Daaaaaayyyuuum!
Bro your straight Kotuku!
Did you feel his Kotuku when he walked in the room?
Man I wish I was as Kotuku as you
Is a Kotuku on the Guitar.
He was trying to be a Kotuku to all the ladies.
No way that is Kotuku!
See that T.V. its so Kotuku
My boyfriend is so Kotuku and Hot
by iwishiwaskotuku August 11, 2010
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