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Common among foreigners working in Korea.

1. When you get in trouble for not doing or knowing something that no reasonable person would have expected you to know or do, due to you not having mind-reading abilities.

2. When someone tells you to do something, you do exactly what they said to do, and it's wrong. They will then deny having told you to do it and leave you to take the heat.

3. When your Korean boss hands you a brand new textbook you've never seen before, pushes you into a classroom full of new students, and says "You teach now!"

4. When you are expected to know exactly how to accomplish every task that anyone in your country has ever done, and be able to define every word in the English language i.e. "Hey, you're Canadian! Can you teach me how to snowshoe?" or "You speak English! What does anatidaephobia mean?"
Oh man, I totally got Korea'd today. I walked in to my classroom and there were 15 kids there expecting to learn about the reign of King Sejong! The textbook they gave me isn't even written in English!
by Englishee Teacher February 03, 2010
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Being Korea'd can happen to any soldier, airman, seaman or NCO. It is a disease that spreads through the barracks and consumes one life till either
A. They leave country
B. Manage to overcome the "Korea"

Symptoms may include:
-Acting like a Gangster when you know well that you were raised in a Middle - High income household and lived a privileged life.
- Gaining a little fame in clubs such as Club "Naked", King's Club, UN Club, Volume or any other club that love to see foreigners walk through there establishment. Especially on the 1st and 15th. Also Alcholism.

Once landing in Korea, the "Korea" does not set in till about 1-3 months after being exposed to the locals. Alcoholism is usually the first symptom to be diagnosed as liquor is easily accessible throughout the day. While Intoxicated, one may become a totally different person... For young black males that grew up in a nice home suddenly become thugs, and start claiming "Blood, Crip, Folk, or People" with flags hanging out there pocketing knowing full well nobody is going to G-check them.

The "Korea" will usually establish its own persona in one, which slowly eat away at there psyche till they actually believe to be what the Korea has influenced them to be.
Commander: So... Joe snuffy got underage drinking, assault and larceny....
1SG: Sounds like he caught the "Korea'd"... He was wearing a red bandana out his pocket and I checked his records and it says he was from Beverly Hills..... not Compton...

by DatGuyD June 21, 2011
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