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Guy on TV advertisements, as well as Family Guy. Known for saying phrases such as "Oh Yeah."
by Lawliet November 06, 2006
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The talking bowl of fruit punch that crashes through walls in the Kool Aid comercials and allways yells, "OH YEAH!" when he does this.

Dane Cook makes fun of him in one of the funniest parts of his stand up.

Family Guy also makes fun.

Dane Cook- "Oh no! Naughty, Naughty, Kool Aid Guy!"
by Joe Kickass II May 04, 2006
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The Kool Aid guy comes bursting through someone's house without warning, breaking their wall and screaming, "OH YEAH!!!". I remember when he did that he walked up to the kids and yelled, "OH YEAH!!!" and they would look all happy and walking up to them and I would be screaming, "AAAAHHHH!!!!! GET AWAY FROM HIM YOU STUPID KIDS!!! HE'S GOING TO GET YOU!!". Then they drank right out of him. Thats right, they drank his dirty bloody plaster filled juice while he was yelling, "OH YEAH!!!". Shouldn't they be more concerned with what their parents will do to them when they find out there is a huge hole on the side of their house? I don't think their parents are going to believe a dancing jug of fruit punch screaming, "OH YEAH!!!" crashed through the house and made that hole.
Kid: It's so boring here, nothing ever happenens
*Kool Aid Guy comes crashing through wall*
Kool Aid Guy: OH YEAH!!!
Kid:o_O *drinks dirty bloody Kool Aid*
by ramunematt January 06, 2007
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PWNs Lord_Koolaidguy
Koolaidguy is so cool. He pwns theunsurpassed. HAHAHHHAHAHHHAHA
by your_mom November 07, 2003
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