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A superhero with powers from a kitchen stove. He uses heath and gas to defeat villains, and protects the city from evil plans. He also got the ability to fly, because of his powers.

The name comes from the Norwegian word "Komfyr", which means stove. The character of Komfyrion was developed from a player on, specifically in a custom game called "Island Troll Tribes" He is smart, strong and always helps those around him.
"Oh no, Mr. Freeze is freezing the city!" -citizen 1

"We're all doomed! -citizen 2

"What's that up in the sky? It's... It's Komfyrion!" -citizen 1

"Don't worry, citizen. I will protect the city from Mr. Freeze. I can use the heath to my advantage, to stop his evil plans" -Komfyrion

"Freeze, Komfyrion!" -Mr.Freeze
by Xenos_220 April 08, 2010
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