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A kokolet is a fine woman with curves in the right places.

Another way to describe a sexy woman.

Made popular by Nigerian musician DBANJ. In his songs, he refers to the nice looking ladies as Kokolets and himself as the koko-master. His pickup game and playa skills he refers to as 'DiKoko' and he's so good since has a degree in 'womanology' and has studied the 'woman physionomy' all women fall for him.

A pick up line that has been popularized by DBanj amongst Nigerians and Ghanains youngsters is 'Make I yan u dikoko'.
From Song "WHY ME" by DBanj:
Story line: He had a one-night stand with a girl (kokolet) and she loved his love making (his koko) and now she wants to go steady, have his babies etc.

Verse 2 - for more, check youtube.

'Like that wasnt enough,
wanted to take me home to her mum,
when I got some kokolets at the mall,
I said just to leave me alone,
why me, yes, yes, yes, why me,
tell the truth now dont lie to me,
you said you wanted to get grimy,
now you want to come tie me,
you don see mugu, you don see mugu,
dis doesnt feel too good, dis doesnt feel too good,
I no do, gimme my space, I no want, commot for my face
I say no, abi u dey craze, dis tin don dey turn to disgrace
She wouldnt leave me alone, always calling my phone
She said she wanted to be mine,
that my koko drives her wild - so tell me why me?
but it was a one-night stand, baby dont you understand
so tell me why me? why me? try me? dont try me?'
by Ose January 22, 2007
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