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A tall funny male usually from Africa and laughs a lot. He makes you laugh when you need him most and he always is there for you. Usually, stands out in math class and connects with others quickly.
Safwan: Hey Kogo can you help me with this problem?
Kogo: No problem I already finished it!
by Safydooplow August 28, 2017
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bitch ass cry baby, fatass, the one who takes dick in the ass and mouth often, trifling ass bitch

likes to suck up on rich ass dicks dudes,

the one who can't get none

failure in parent's eye
Shut the fuck up KOGA

koga suck my dick

Jon Joe : Why are you crying man?
KOGO: Cause I am kogo and my dick won't get hard.
by BABURAO October 06, 2018
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