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The most bad-ass last name you could ever possibly have. Everybody wants it to be their last name, but only the very cool, lucky people have it.
"Yo, your last name is Knuckey?"
"Ya, obviously, im not called Knuckey for no reason" ;)
by Knuckeythatwush June 06, 2011
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A surname
Genrally that of one who is an avid gamer and has unrealistic dreams to create them.
Is generally a dickhead, and no one like him, some however pretend (feeling sorry for his lack of friends)
Can be a nice guy, but when in the presence of another stupider dickhead he can get wild.
Do not v. A knuckey in any, ANY form of video game, you'll get your ass kicked.
"Who's that weird guy trying desperately to get some attention?"
He's a knuckey dont worry you'll get used of him"
by Snowmen4dayzzzz June 22, 2016
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