(Verb) the act of working on a knitting project while watching a streaming video from an online provider like NetFlix, Amazon or Hulu.
I got two movies worth of my sweater done last night while I was knitflixing.
by Greedy Perl Dog September 27, 2014
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Knitflixing (v) Working on a knitting project whilst watching NETFLIX. Netflix is the only appropriate online video streaming source for the avid knitflixer.
I got tied up in my knitflixing - it's my favorite hobby! Netflix and knitting, what could be better!?
by Broship September 14, 2016
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Knitting while watching Netflix. Only for the most extreme geriatrics on the block

If the retirement home is lit after a steamy night of bingo, this can result in Knitflix and Chill...
Trevor: Hey Betz, what's yo fine ole ass up to tonite, girl?

Bettie: Oh hey T-Bone, I'm just on some Knitflix with my new series

Trevor: You tryina add some chill?

Bettie: You know it!
by J.Manstrong September 3, 2017
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