"I dare to shout 'Betz!' the spoken name of the Ultimate Evil! I dare not ever utter It's Unspeakable Name, It's Unspoken Name, It's True Name!!"
by Carl J. Maltese April 10, 2007
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Betz- adj An extremely scared and random muthafucker.Anyone scared to do shit or say shit.
Kevin man up, you're such a fuckin Betz
by Cole January 18, 2005
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A total whore, made famous by her antics on Charter Day 2013 with a certain canadian, and renowned for underage drinking, sex, and drug usage. Commonly used alongside the term, "Bed-shitter".
That girl reminds me of Betz so much!
I know man! I had barely started to talk to her and she was already taking my pants off!
whore anal lover reed fisting dirty blonde slut skank party whore sloot bed-shitter drunk pussy pussy marijuana ted kapp ridge freshman dayton sweg yolo 420 kush kosher
by Ridge's Savior October 20, 2013
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Sam is such an amazing person! She is kind to others, incredibly smart and so gorgeous. She helps others whenever she can and she is always so much fun to be around. She is good at hiding her emotions and she is very strong. She can make guys fall for her (usually named Gavin/Devan) with just one glance. If you ever get the chance to meet a Sam Betz, keep her for a long time especially if you get the opportunity to have her as your best friend. She will always be there for you and once you have her you should never let her go. I love her to bits and so should any other guys named Gavin.
Person 1: Oh look its Sam Betz!
Person 2: Dude we should go say hi. I've heard she's super nice!
Person 1: Ok I'm down but let me prepare first.
Person 2: That's a good idea.
by alycatjj08 February 9, 2021
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Loser. Can't win lottery, election,horse races or life in general. Probably couldn't get elected dog catcher.
"Jeffrey is such a losing betz, even the fire department hosed him"
by All your friends November 29, 2006
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Very perverted and dirty minded. One of the best friends you'll ever have. Girls love him but boys have no idea why. His friends think he's ugly but woman think he is sexy.
Person 1:who is that ?😍
Person 2:that's just Hunter betz.
Person 1:damn he looks hot.😍
Person 2: what is it with him and girls?
by Kronosgaming December 3, 2019
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A cool and fun guy that every one wishes they were friends with
man I wish I was friends with ty betz
by hailey55555555555555555555 April 27, 2022
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