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1) the removal of one's knee by injury caused by an outside source.

2) to cause pain and discomfort to one's knee, kneecap, or area of the knee by use of force or removal.

3) a threat of bodily harm upon an opponent.

Also known as: kneecapitated and kneecapitation
The room was so small that I didn't sit in the chair because I would have kneecapitated the girl behind me.

He made me so mad, I wanted to kneecapitate him!

If you don't pay me by Friday, I'm gonna have my cousin, Guido kneecapitate you.

While practicing in my karate class, I was able to teach the students about kneecapitation when defending themselves.
by dirastac March 11, 2011
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To tackle someone to the floor through targeting their knees
Northampton Saints didn't get over the gain line once through the Newcastle Falcons ability to kneecapitate
by Saully7 February 18, 2014
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