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(Kloud) the most amazing boy on earth . One look and he will steal your heart . Though he has some issues , Kloud will forever be in my heart . Being something than nothing to him is better than nothing . I've seen Kloud on the first day of school , & I instantly fell . I guess you can say I'm in love . It's been 1 in a half years . I can't pin him down , but ill always love him .❀
DAMMM look at (Kloud) he ain't no snack he a full course MEAL! 😍
by Lil Lump April 16, 2018
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Kloud: (noun) person who is the embodiment of gay and black people stereotypes.
Kloud is a gay nigga.
by Accuser July 27, 2018
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Kloud is normally some feminine embodiment of a demon, they normally date break hearts fuck people up and then float off. They tend to be hella pretty and petty, if you ever meet a Kloud make sure you don’t make them mad because they have a tendency to have you beat up.
β€œKloud is pretty buy crazy as hell....”

β€œDon’t talk shit about Kloud, they’ll probably tase you.”
by Luckykillah888 May 02, 2019
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