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Klope has an unknown origin and no one is quite sure what it means exactly, however, it is often used in the sence of stealing. Klope or klop is mostly used in Norway as the pronouciation is rather different, like "Keh-loh-peh" said quickly. It can be used as "stealing" or in the sense that you'll mess someone up, as shown in the second example.
I'll klope your kebab twat!

I'm gonna klop you fam!
by Bagmannu February 28, 2017
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To compliment someone without knowing what they look like
-similar to brown-nosing
-can be used in similar scenarios

(I created this word because I couldn't think of a word to use for it in a conversation)
Jacob: "My mum is a cunt."
Sam: "She's pretty though!"
Jacob: "You haven't even met her, you kloper!"
by rogueweatherman July 11, 2017
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