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1. Extrememly homosexual being

2. One who is so obsessed with computer games that he calls himself "KLAR" while in public

3. "Non-Macking" One
1. OMG that guy over there with the purse is SO Klarity.

2. Wow, there's this in the video game store with a nametag that says "KLAR" hes really Klarity.

3. That poor guy is all alone and dateless, but who cares he's just a klarity.
by *O_o* December 22, 2004
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Envelopes extreme homosexuality strenuously to the tune of naked sweaty men.
Wow I like men SO MUCH i think ill call myself KLARITY on the INTARNIZZLE so that I can get all the guys FO SHO
by mega December 22, 2004
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