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One who is beautiful smart and very self concious around her friends. She is pretty but feels that she is ugly. She fun to be around and connects with a male with the letter C in his name. She is crazy and unusual but she is love by everyone. Mostly liked by older boys. But is very aware on who she wants.
You act like a Kiyanna.
by reddmama January 19, 2012
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Kiyanna is a beautiful CRE ATURE of a peculiar nature. She is often starving or not hungry in the least, but she is dangerous in her hungry state. Possibly the sexiest creature on the planet, the Kiyanna naturally has the powers of seduction and can manipulate your emotions without you realizing it. Be careful never to walk into the home of a Kiyanna before announcing yourself, for she may be naked. Overall, Kiyanna is a pleasure to be around, a treat to look at, and always smells nice. Don't mess with her though... she will kill you.
boy: I'm going over to KIYANNA'S house c u!
Kiyanna: *stab stab stab stab*
by phudonomous bosch January 13, 2017
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