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When your boyfriend's hair gets really long and you run your fingers through it like a kitty to make him feel good.
My bf has such good hair I just want to kitty-paw him all day!
by Kayaluki!!!! October 21, 2009
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When someone (by thrusting their hand with two extended fingers into your belly) tries to simulate how it feels when you are all relaxed and comfortable and a kitty suddenly hops up and steps on you, ruining the moment. The two fingers demonstrate (through the use of applied pressure) the tiny paw as the weight from the cat (morbidly obese from domestication) presses down onto the formerly content victim. The result is unease and strong discomfort, borderlining on pain (think chinese water torture but worse).
Fear the wrath of my kitty paw!

Don't you dare kitty paw me!

Oh my god, I got kitty pawed last night. It was like a knife being plunged into my soul.
by Sweet Dave November 23, 2006
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Something so gross, ugly, or unsexy that it essentially makes your dick flop downward instead of up forming the shape of a kitty paw
Person 1:Dude, did you see that fat chick in the swim suit?
Person 2: Yeah, i saw her....gave me a kittypaw right there
by boobytrapper January 03, 2010
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