Someone who is acting like a little wuss or has the attitude of a mean child.
John whined about coming to the party; he is such a kitty cunt.
by troygtf December 5, 2008
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Your friend's cat that acts like a complete whore.
Mikayla's cat is such a Kitty Cunt. He learned it from Mikayla, too.
by Ultimate Salty Kitty Cunt February 21, 2016
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A girl, under the age of 10, who is acting like a complete cunt.
MY little cousin is a Kitty Cunt.
by Raked December 27, 2007
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Kitty cunt : a kinky female lesbian whom has a fetish’s dire for the male species to eat her Pussy leave her with an adrenaline rush
My gay best friend is a “kitty cunt”because she liked when my boyfriend ate her Pussy during out erotic threesome
by Fussy Dino arms August 20, 2019
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