Something we all do, kissing the homies goodnight, it is not gay

If you do not kiss the homies goodnight, go to bed
Joe: Sorry babe I was kissing the homies goodnight

Sarah: Isn’t that gay?

Joe: Look, if you say it is gay one more time I’m going to leave you
by DaemonAzure January 6, 2020
It's when you kiss one of your homies goodnight but like it's not gay cause y'all are just homies.
Kissing the homies goodnight is not gay.

"I'll be right back, just gotta kiss my homies goodnight,"

"Isn't that gay?"


"Understandable, have a nice day,"
by thescrunkles October 27, 2019
THE FOLLOWING SENTENCE IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: Kissing the homies goodnight is just saying goodnight, it is not gay.
"gotta go say night to the homies"

"yo, I heard that you kiss them. Is that true?"


"isn't that gay?"

"I just wanna kiss my homies goodnight in PEACE."
"kissing the homies goodnight just means to show your bond of friendship"
by NCcoolkid June 18, 2020
It is when you are going to bed, and you forget to kiss your homies good night, and it isn’t gay because they’re your homies
My GF- where were you?
Me- sorry I was kissing the homies goodnight
My gf- isn’t that gay?
Me- no they’re my homies and if you ask me one more time I’ll leave you
My gf- oh ok I get it
by BigCockDaddy696969696969 November 24, 2020
Every night you must kiss your homies good night. IT'S THE RULES!
Friend 1: *kisses his homie(friend 2)*
Friend 2: "what the heck dude"
Friend 1: "Remember kiss your homies goodnight"
Friend 2: " oh ok" * kiss friend 1"
Friend 2:o