Gained popularity on manga/anime sites where the #--- visitor got a free drawing. That was the kiriban number or kiriban art.

Now it's being used more for an exclamation of achievement, as hitting the #whatever view of your website is a kiriban.
Mangapunksai hit the kiriban number on her webpage and will make a commerative piece of art because of it.

Baka-chan had a contest for whoever hit the kiriban number and will make a kiriban piece for that person, a gift art.

People came from all over to give kiriban to damphyr for winning the contest.

Kiriban to you for finding my obscure webpage!
by renonevada August 12, 2004
If you break the word down, you'll see that "kiri" is the Japanese way of saying "kilo"--the metric word for 1000. "ban," when using the kanji 番, is the Japanese word for "number."

Therefore, it's the thousandth number, and is generally used as a view counts landmark.
Thanks, everyone!! 5000 kiriban! ZOMG i'm sooo happy! TT~TT

15,000 kiriban contest! Send me a pic of my pageviews at 15,000 pageviews and I'll send you a prize!!
by Oh, just some guy. November 23, 2011
A term that is used when a random deviant (or SheezyArt user) stumbles on a another userpage and waits for the number of unique pageviews to reach the target number in order to get a free drawing from the person as a gift. In order to achieve it, the user must quickly screenscap the exact number of unique pageviews and send the deviant (or SheezyArt user) who set the kiriban value a note to prove it or else no reward.
I'm gonna go kiriban fishing today to find if I'm the 1,337th visitor to SockArmy's userpage.

Whoever goes kiriban fishing and becomes the 100th watcher, gets a free gifty from me.
by Rainbow March 6, 2005