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Also known as boobs. Can't handle sharing his women with Tim.
Enjoys "going blue"
by Rainbow December 16, 2003
Wenbo Peng

Wenbo Peng is usually used to describe a Asian or Chinese person for their stinginess, and selfishness. A Wenbo Peng is most of the time a 'one upper' and does not appreciate anything. It is also used to describe someone who is spoiled by their parents.
"Did you hear that Jimmy's parents bought him a new car? He doesn't even appreciate it nor does he like it. What a Wenbo Peng"
by Rainbow June 27, 2014
A term that is used when a random deviant (or SheezyArt user) stumbles on a another userpage and waits for the number of unique pageviews to reach the target number in order to get a free drawing from the person as a gift. In order to achieve it, the user must quickly screenscap the exact number of unique pageviews and send the deviant (or SheezyArt user) who set the kiriban value a note to prove it or else no reward.
I'm gonna go kiriban fishing today to find if I'm the 1,337th visitor to SockArmy's userpage.

Whoever goes kiriban fishing and becomes the 100th watcher, gets a free gifty from me.
by Rainbow March 6, 2005