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The lead singer of the late 80's glam metal band "Winger". He his arguably the most attractive man ever. He has the power to turn any man gay temporarily while he is in your sight.
"Yo, I was watchin' the video for 'Headed for a Heartbreak' and I saw Kip Winger. I turned gay for a second!"
by Mastur&Cummander March 11, 2008
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When you haven't shaved for a few days and you eat a girls pussy out.
Last night he went down on me and gave me a Kip Winger and it rubbed me raw.
by david lee roth February 19, 2013
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1. A popular singer from the band Winger that rose to fame in the mid to late 80's. He provided the lead vocals on most of their famous songs such as "Miles Away" and "Seventeen".

2. Another way of saying "God Bless You" or "Gesundheit" after somebody sneezes. When somebody sneezes or finishes off a sneezing fit, it is common practice to follow it up by saying "Kip Winger".

- Somebody sneezes on a subway and complains about his cold. You turn to him say "Kip Winger".

- A lady in a bar suddenly sneezes. A man sitting next to her politely turns to her and says "Kip Winger".
by Nuke1096 November 13, 2007
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