If you ever find a Kinnari, never let her go. She is one to keep. Not only is she hot and smart, but she is also funny. Every step of the way through your relationship, she will be there for you. She hates people who lie and don't trust her. So guys watch out if you ever find an Indian Kinnari never let her go and love her endlessly and you will get that love back.
guy 1: who do you wanna date?
guy 2: A Kinnari Duh :)
by whatiswrongwithyouihateyou October 20, 2019
A cow, or another form of any domesticated animal.
You are my Kinnari, do my laundry, wipe the floors, and go brown nose my gardener
by Pranav Patel April 6, 2006
a person who tends to have random outbursts of weirdness, or is just always abnormal in the good way
i love your kinnariness, it's so intriguing
by Baawwb Duck April 24, 2008