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1.)The most Ghetto high school in the Hudson valley.

2.)the site of a movie called the Sisterhood of the Night which will be released in 2013.

3.)The cockroach capital of the world. The cockroach's population that mainly reside in the main building, that some students feed by leaving food in their classrooms or in the hall.

4.)The home to an excellent music department, and the Kingston High school Tiger Marching Band, the state champions of 2012.
1.) Kid from Rondout,"Damn those Kingston High School kids are ghetto"

2.) Cool kid "That school in the movie looks pretty cool, I wonder where it is"

3.) kid 1 " Ewwww, I just found a twizzler on the stairs!!!"

kid 2 " its probably for the cockroaches"

4.)I LOVE BAND!!!!!!
by nyan-nyan-nyan-woof? November 01, 2012
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Winner of the highly coveted "Most Ghetto School in the Hudson Valley" award, Kingston High pulled through in the voting above Saugerties High and the assumed shoe-in Newburgh-Beacon. Said the school's Principal "We are pleasently suprised with the voting. Many of us thought it was impossible with our up-to-date facilities, well-trained Faculty & staff, high White Middle/Upper class to a small (23%) Black minority (many of which aren't even that Thug, seriously, its like they don't even try.), compared to Newburgh at least. However, we aren't going to get cocky and go after, say Most Ghetto School in New York" she said with a knowing wink.

However, all is not well in KHS, as its Esteemed and Exclusive Volcano Worshipper's club was shut down by its creators, after the descition that the club was filled with idiot scene girls after 2008.

Said one of the founders (Who wishes to remain anonymous.) "They were totally non-thug and noncrunk. And they don't even know the definition of 'Neck'. As a matter of fact, thier sheer usage of the word 'Neck' is a neck in itself. Neck."
"It is our privlege to award this years "Most Ghetto School in the Hudson Valley" award to Kingston High School."-Leroy Jenkins, president of The New York Endowment for Ghetto Schools
by HockeyMonkey89 October 16, 2010
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The ghettoest high school in the Hudson Valley. With a population exeeding over 2,300 kids, about 50% of which are African American. In most cases, the black kids are very annoying, and they play cell-phone music in the hallways. It also consists of a handful of scene kids, you can find them in either Volcano Worshippers Club, or KHS tv. The preps in this school have no sense of style, and copy others around them. The black kids make up strange phrases such as "THATS NECK!" or, "You're burntttt". Most of the phrases make no sense at all, but everyone catches themselves saying it at least once or twice in their high school career. =
Kid number one: I got a madd good grade on that test son!
Kid number two: What did you get, nigga?
Kid number one: A fuckin 80!
Kid number two: That's neck! I got a 95!
Kid number one: Damnn, I'm feeling madd burnt.

Teacher: So class, what are your thoughts on Kingston High School?
Students: This is a fucking shitty ass school mo' fo'
by STUDENT AT KHS April 24, 2008
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Actual garbage. The amount of roaches is ridiculous, I swear I outnumbers the entire student population. I was talking to a health teacher and about 1/4 of students in Khs have chlamydia so if you go here, get yourself tested! We have a wide cultural range, fortunately, so the student body doesn’t look all white and rich! The staff is a different story.

Also, a good spot to have sex is in the basement under the stairs or any of the main building bathrooms! Oh and don’t worry about pregnancy, we have a planned parenthood down the street for when you slip up. Only worry about std’s!

Overall, khs sucks ass but has a fantastic band. Go Kingston tiger marching band!
Freshman: ew tf is that shit
Sophomore: don’t worry about it, it’s just a used bloody condom with a roach in it. Kingston high school has a lot of them so get used to it.
by Onionsouphoe August 22, 2018
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The most retarded school in Michigan and they had 7 bomb threats in one year and still considered a "good school"
by Kennyg41 February 23, 2017
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