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desperately in search of.
Commonly used in Online Gaming. Like in Diablo2 or Stuff.
DISO: P fathom + p grief zerker.
by viau December 31, 2006
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The nickname for the event more formally known as freshman disorientation. The opposite of freshmen orientation, the purpose of this eventful is for upperclassmen get all of the freshmen really drunk and humiliate them.
Oh did you go to the dorm's dis-o last night? I heard they served pink panty droppers and then locked all of the freshmen in a closet.
by EmmJayy Blige September 18, 2010
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It’s a disobedient sped. Not just a sped but one that is disobedient and extra retarded. Normally you know if someone is being a diso if they put up the gang sign which is making your hands look like and O.
Hey look of at Johnny he is being a diso.
by Disobedience September 02, 2018
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