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The "King of Love" is not defined by one's sexual prowess, although this could be in concert with one's inner beauty, but rather is an individual who personifies greatness by the good they do for others. Examples of such individuals are humanitarians who truly give of themselves by donating their money or time to help the less fortunate or to raise money to promote a worthy cause, not for the tax break they would receive, but because giving to others is their calling. There is a powerful presence that the King of Love exemplifies and anyone who comes near is transformed positively by the light that is emitted by him. This entire transfixed state of being has a ripple effect on folks which in turn makes anyone affected become a better person. The end result is that the King of Love makes this world a better place for you and for me.
Michael Jackson, a.k.a. the King of Pop, is the epitome of the King of Love.
by PY Love and Peace April 06, 2013
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