1. A kingly (or noble) male fart.

2. A penis fart. The act of penis farting is done especially by religious males that have a view of sex and sexuality being a result of the fallen nature of the flesh or the body as evil or depraved. If there is an expulsion of air (or gas), instead of semen, then there is no sin or evil or depravity in the sexual act or sexuality of a human male.
1. Mom: Butters! What did I tell you about farting on girls at school? Son, please don't fart on girls at school!

Butters: Why mother, I didn't fart. I kinfed.

Mom: Ohhhhh. Alrighty then. The girls should be honored to have such a gift bestowed upon them.

2. Setting: A confessional-->
-Calvin: Father, I have sinned. I had a dry dream in my sleep last night, as I was dreaming about Miley Cyrus being dressed in a cowgirl outfit & feeding chocolate-covered strawberries to me. I woke up the next day and felt so guilty and shameful.

-Father Luther: What's a dry dream, my son?

-Calvin: A dry dream is when there is a nocturnal emission of air (or gas), instead of semen, as you sleep.

-Father Luther: So you kinfed?

-Calvin: What does it mean to kinf?

-Father Luther: To expend air (or gas) through the urethra of the penis.

-Calvin: I guess you could say that Father.

-Father Luther: As long as there wasn't any semen in your draws or on your bed sheets, then you have kept the faith & have not sinned.

-Calvin: What a relief! Thank you Father!
by WillisJ April 05, 2009
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Like a knife, only with a spinning saw blade on the end.
You think you're badass? Im gonna cut you up with my kinfe!
by Dayringer October 25, 2004
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