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A person of a visible minority group who hates members of his/her own ethnicity and his/her own culture in general.

Killmanjaroos often have not been taught to speak the language of their native culture, and often possess little or no real knowledge of their background, customs and traditions. Because of this, Killmanjaroos relate more with Western culture and adjust their behaviour, clothing and speech to try to fit in. But since their physical appearance still identifies them as members of a visible minority, and they cannot alter that, Killmanjaroos are unable to fit in 100%. This in turn is a source of endless frustration.

Killmanjaroos' anger is directed at their native culture and religion, because they believe that is solely to blame for their inability to fit into mainly Caucasian Western crowds. They will go out of their way to debase members of their own faith and immigrants from their own native country.
Brown-Skinned Turbaned Sikh: Oh great, it looks like our flight has been delayed again. If our plane doesn't leave soon, I'll miss my tour bus in Hawaii. Are you staying in Honolulu as well?

Killmanjaroo (Clean-Shaven, Brown-Skinned w/ Sikh Parents): Shut the fuck up you stinkin {racial slur}! Why don't you go back to India!?!

Sikh: I was born here in the UK ya motherfuckin coconut! How about I rip you open and see if you really are white on the inside!?! Yeah, that's right, you'd better walk away!
by Raging Dragon August 19, 2006
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