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1. To be on the very verge of an agonisingly extraordinary orgasm but entirely unable to ever reach it. The phenomenon tends to make grown men cry.

2. The faint sort of orgasm select people get from eating ice cream.

3. The direct result of a Butleration
1. "Nowadays, poor old me can only seem to get the kiggins." *sniff*

2. "I sometimes like to have a little kiggins before bedtime."
by kikumbob December 26, 2007
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The feeling of being close to an orgasm, but not quite reaching it.

Can be used both in the positive aspect and negative.

Originated as a 'safe-word' for using in public without others' knowledge.
Positive: To get the kiggins; to be given the kiggins

Negative: "I only got the kiggins"; "Wasn't even the kiggins"
by Adam McMillan October 12, 2007
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A bit like an orgasm, but not quite. Originally used to describe a cheap but delicious icecream made by students (and named from the surname of one those students) with own-brand vanilla icecream and peanut butter, now it can be used towards any pleasurable experience that isn't quite an orgasm. Antonym, see: Beckers.
"I'm out of desserts but I could totally mix up a batch of kiggins." (Archaic)

"You know, I hear we can actually have snow days at uni."
"What, like no lectures? That would be so kiggins."
by Josh Butler October 21, 2007
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