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Benjamin Levi "Benji" Madden (born March 11, 1979) is the guitarist and backup vocalist of the band Good Charlotte. His twin brother, Joel, is the band's vocalist. His father left the family on Christmas Eve when he was 16 years old. Benji was often blamed for Joel's misbehavior because he was known as a troublemaker. Benji and Joel also suffered alienation in school for being fans of punk rock. Benji is 5 minutes older than his brother, Joel. They have an older brother named Josh who helps run "Made", their clothing brand. Benji is also nicknamed Kid Vicious after Sid Vicious. He is a vegetarian along with his brother. Benji also often works with Peta to help support vegetarianism and animal rights. Benji has many tattoos and some of which are of Jesus and Mary from the Bible.
by Sunny Daze May 05, 2005
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full name: Benjamin Levi Madden
born: March 11th, 1979
nickname: "Kid Vicious"

Is guitar/backup singer in the band Good Charlotte. His twin brother Joel Madden is lead singer. Original last name was Combs, but in honor of their mother and because of their bad relationship with their father, they legally changed their last name to Madden (their mother's maiden name).
"Keep representin' GC 'cause you know we're representin' you" -Benji
by Riot Girl April 21, 2005
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Benji Madden is a guitarist in the pop-punk band Good Charlotte along with twin brother Joel Madden and friends Billy Martin and Paul Thomas. Good Charlotte has three records self-titled, Young and the Hopeless and The chronicles of life and Death. Benji taught himself how to play guitar at 16 after getting one from his mother one christmas and has been playing ever since.
Benji Madden is brother to Joel Madden who is going out with Hilary Duff
by Gerards_pants August 15, 2005
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In one phrase, the Sexiest Man Alive. As for Nicole, she really needs to grow up because Benji most likely doesn't even know your alive, not to mention the fact that your most likely not even legal. She probably didn't even know about Benji or even Good Charlotte for that matter until "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" came out.
I've been a fan since their self titled came out, and I'm not stupid enough the claim that he's mine when he's not. Not to mention I loved Benji the entire time I've know about GC unlike most girls who as soon as "Lifestyles" came out they were like " Oh Joel I love you" and the two months later were like "Oh Benji I love you". I will love Benji 'til the day I die!GC4Life!
by Gina March 22, 2005
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a very very hot guy in a band named good charlotte also there are four other guys in the bamd billy martin (the bestest gutair player ever) joel madden (the singer) paul thomas (the bassest) and christopher willson
benji is one sexy beast that play the gutair
by iluvegcbilly92 January 09, 2005
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The sexiest, best damn guitar player to ever walk this f*ing planet.
Fuck all the adults who think Benji Madden is a bad influence on their kids.
by Benji's Lil Gerl 777 March 26, 2005
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The smart, funny, caring, GORGEOUS guitar player of the best band in the world, Good Charlotte, full name: Benji Levi Madden; Identical twin brother to G.C. frontman Joel Rueben Madden (but Benji's the cuter one).
1)I want to be Mrs. Benji Madden!
2) Have you seen Benji Madden's new tattoo?
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