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a scale that measures how kickass someone or something is. Normally used when an already cool person does something awesome, normally followed by applause.

Our new "gym teacher in training" was previously a soldier in Iraq. He has a biker beard (a moustache that only goes around the mouth) and just stands there, arms crossed, looking incredibly badass. He is just concentrated awesomeness.
Me- dude look at the gym teacher.
Damian- which one?
Me- I don't know his name, the soldier guy.
Bryan- he's just standing there looking cool.
Me- I know right! He's fucking awesome!
James- he radiates awesomeness.
Me- yeah, if someone stood next to him, they would be twice as awesome the next day!
All- Yeah!
*whole room gets noisy*
Gym teachers- guys! Guys!
*REALLY loud whistle(the finger one)*
*everyone stares at guy and begins to applaud*
Me- that guy just jumped a notch on the kickass-o-meter.
by MaximumOverdrive November 10, 2008
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