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Good high school....if you want to remain in Missouri for the rest of your life.

It prepares you for higher level institutions....if your definition of "higher" level institution consists of getting f***ed up 24/7 and this undeserved sense of prestige for the nameless/worthless degrees you can get from MSU, Mizzou, and Drury.

Good school for white, mid-upper class "bro" who works out a little too much, yet still retains the beer belly due to the excessive amount of drinking.

Bad school for those who aim for the ivys and etc.

It does NOT prepare you for upper ranked colleges.

Especially if one is pursuing a pre-health field in these said colleges.
"I have taken numerous amount of AP courses at Kickapoo High School and graduated with a perfect GPA. I thought I was smart. But then when I went to the coast, I got butt raped by all my college courses." -Student A

"I graduated Kickapoo High School as a valedictorian, and I got accepted into (insert top 20 ranked school here). My standardized test score may be the same, but I'm still the dumbest kid here." -Student B

"It's 5 fucking AM. I'm studying my ass off for chemistry and calculus, while my friends from California or New York are partying because my shitty ass teachers at Kickapoo High School did not go over the basic fundamentals." -Pissed off student studying for his finals
by No longer Pre-health December 20, 2010
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Kickapoo. Great name for a school??? The colors are even better...BROWN AND YELLOW. Remind you of anything?
The only good thing about it is that Brad Pitt went to Kickapoo for high school!
Angelina: Where did you go to high school?

Brad: Kickapoo High School...
by BabyMasterJR August 01, 2019
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